Phone: 1- (714) 772-1057 Direct Phone No. to Property - "Voice-Mail" After 3 Rings. PLEASE NOTE: TO CONTACT US, YOU NEED TO DIAL A 1 IN FRONT OF THE AREA CODE! Email:
Rates and Booking Information Also available in pdf for your convenience ITEM DESCRIPTION															DOLLAR AMOUNT 1.  Rental of Spanish Style Poolside Guest House "Casita" &  Upper Suite					 (___ ) Night(s) X 650 Night														$______________  2.  Rental of Large Living Room, Attached to the "Casita," Via Atrium Hallway with Plants       Sleeps 5 Persons.     (Flat Rate Charge for Entire Duration of One's Stay Here is $185)*							$______________  OTHER COSTS 1.  Cleaning Fees **PLEASE NOTE:  All Cleaning Fees go Directly into the Pocket(s) of Our Housekeeper(s).  A.  For lower level, the cleaning fee is $150 											$______________  B.  For Our Upstairs' Level has a cleaning fee of $125  									$______________  2.  "Holiday Add-On Fee" for Easter Sunday; Forth of July, Thanksgiving; Labor Day;        Christmas; New Year's Eve; and Disney's Annual Marathon is $100 						$______________  3.  Cost to Heat Swimming Pool (If You want that @ 85 Degrees) A.  "Fire Up" Charge (Includes 1st Night's Use of 35,000 Gallon Swimming Pool being Heated) is $145 				$______________   B.  Balance of ___Night(s) X $47/Night 												$______________  4.  Cost to Heat Spa ____(Night(s) X $30 per night  								         	$______________  5.  Refundable Security Deposit,      If No Damage or "Special Cleaning" is Required Upon One's Departure is $500				$______________6. Pet Fee of $100/dog/stay														$ ______________    Refundabke Pet deposit $200/pet.    (rules: pick up after your pet, must kenneled when you are away,     and no other pet damage to the home.  ______ Dog(s) * $100							$ ______________    Pet damage deposit ______Dogs * $200											$ ______________7. City of Anaheim taxes = 15%														$______________  GRAND TOTAL OF QUICKIE "BALL PARK" ESTIMATE FOR STAYING HERE 				$______________   PLEASE NOTE:  All prices Quoted for Staying Here are Subject to Change Without Notice, and Until Confirmed on this End.   In the Event You want to Make Reservations to Stay Here, Please Provide the Following Information and I will get back to You.   A.  Your Current Arrival/"Check In," and Departure/"Check Out" Dates of Interest;   B.  The number of adults and children that will be staying with us, plus any drop-in guests, and maximum number of vehiclesat any one time.       C.  If You want the Swimming Pool and/or Spa Heated.  If so, for How Many Nights, and Which Night's Specifically?  (If You know that); and     BOOKING INSTRUCTIONS For Our Anaheim Disney Resort Estate Also available in pdf for your convenience   1. Payment Types  I am Sorry, but We do Not Accept Credit Cards, to keep Our Rates for Staying Here, as Low as Possible. You May Pay Your "Booking" Deposits by Personal or Company Check; Money Order; or Bank Cashier's Check.  If You Reside in Another Country, We Require Payment in United States Dollars, Drawn on a United States Bank Located in the Continental United States.  There is a Conversion Chart Located at the Following Internet Address: Using Western Union is Another Way to Send Us Money.  You May go into One of their Many Agent Offices or Make Your Money Transfer by Phone with a Credit Card or Debit Card.  Western Union's Internet Address is:   You May also Send Us Money from Wal-Mart using a Money Gram, Which is Probably One of the Least Expensive Ways of Sending Us Money (Other than by Regular Mail) Depending on their Current Rates.International clients generally send us an international bank draft, which is normally the most cost-effective way to send international payments.   You May also "Wire Transfer" Money Directly into The Owner's Bank Account.  Please Contact Us for the Particulars of doing that.  2. Deposits  We Require a 33% of total due Non-Refundable Deposit to "Officially Book" Your Stay Here, to Put You on Our "Master Calendar of Upcoming Guests;" and  90 Days Prior to Your Arrival Date, We Require an 2nd Non-Refundable Deposit of 33% of total due to Reconfirm Your Original Reservations to Stay Here, with the balance due on arrival.  3.  Balance of Account  Upon Your Proposed Arrival Date, Pay the Balance Due on Your Account (i.e., The Total Charges for Your Proposed Stay, Minus the 1st and 2nd deposits Already Paid).  You May Pay the Balance Due on Your Account by United States Money Order; "International Money Order;" Bank Cashier's Check (All the aforementioned need to be Drawn on a United States Bank Located Here in the Continental United States), or a Cash Payment is Fine on this End.  Rental Keys are Only Issued at the Agreed Time of "Check In", when the Balance Due on Your Account has been Received on this End.  For those Making Reservations to Stay Here, and Members of Your Group are Arriving Prior to Your Arrival, Please either Pay the Balance Due on Your Account Prior to Your Arrival, or give the Funds to Finalize Our Business Transaction to the 1st Person Arriving Before You get Here, so that Rental Keys May be Issued.  Thank You.  Also, Please Note: A.  If You Pay with Traveler's Checks or Cash, a Receipt will be Drafted for Both of Our Records;  B. We Only Accept American Express an VISA Traveler's Checks, so long as they are Payable in United States Dollars, and Drawn on a United States Bank Located in the Continental United States;  Please Note:  The aforementioned Deposits are Non-Refundable for the Following Reasons: A.  Cancellation of Your Proposed Stay; B.  Not Showing Up for Your Proposed Stay; C.  Not having Your 2nd Deposit Arrive on Time (i.e., The Envelope Must be Post Marked at Least 60 Days        Prior to Your Arrival Date, or You will Lose Your Initial Deposit); and D.  Because We Stop Advertising the "Time Slot" You have Scheduled for Your Proposed Stay Here to Others        that May have been Interested in Staying Here;  4.  Sending Your Deposit   For Important Matters like the above, I suggest that You send Your Deposit Check(s) by Reputable Carrier/Courier like say "FedEx," or "UPS," or a Less Expensive Way in the United States, would be ""US Priority Mail."  I suggest that You get a Confirmation Tracking Number from the US Postal Office and e-mail it to Us (Which is Only an Additional 45 Cents, If Memory Serves Me Right). If You are coming from Great Britain, sending Your Deposit Requirements, with a "Computerized Tracking Number," Via Royal Mail is Suggested, in the Event it gets Lost or Hung Up in "Customs;"  5.  Travel Insurance  Because of the Dollar Value of Your Accommodations, Many Guests Procure "Travel Insurance," in the Event that something Disrupts their Holiday Vacation or Business Plans to Stay Here.  This is something that YOU MIGHT WANT TO SERIOUSLY CONSIDER TO PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT IN THE MONEY YOU ARE SPENDING FOR YOUR TRIP, Especially during these Trying Times, and If You have a Large Group. They sell this Type of Insurance on the Internet;  6.  Damage Deposit  Also, Upon Your Arrival, We Require an Additional $500 to Cover Any Unforeseen and/or Special/Unusual, or Extensive Cleaning that would have to be done to the aforementioned Property.  Within 1 to 7 Days of You and Your Group's Departure, We will send You a United States Money Order; Bank Cashier's Check or "International Money Order," Drawn on a United States Bank.  Generally Speaking, We try and give Your Deposit Back the Day of Your Departure, If someone is Here on this End to do so.  Only 2 Times in the Past 10 Years of Renting Out this Property did We Not give Back the  Deposit in the Full Amount.  The 1st Time was when the Tenant Maliciously Vandalized/Trashed the Property Inside and Outside.  The 2nd Time as when a Member of Another Client Group Partied All Night Long Drinking in the Spa, and in the AM, The Person who had made the Reservations to Stay Here, Stumbled through a Large Plate Glass Window Drunk onto the Cement Outside Unconscious, and had to be rushed to the Hospital in an Ambulance.  Please Note:  All Damage has been Corrected since those Horrific Incidents.  7.  Payments Made To  Checks; Money Orders; or Traveler's Checks should be Made Payable to The Owner of the Property (Richard Rowan), and sent to the Address of the Property Below: Anaheim Disney Resort Estate LLC 675 North Euclid Street, Suite 231 Anaheim, California 92801  8. Check-In & Check-Out Times Our Standard "Check In" Time is 4:00 PM, in the Afternoon.  Our Standard "Check Out" Time is 10:00 AM, in the Morning.  Sometimes these Times are Flexible, so long as We don't have "Back to Back" Guests Coming and Going Regarding Arrivals and Departures of Guests. You are More than Welcome to Drop Off Your Luggage If You Arrive in Town Early Prior to Your Accommodations being Ready to "Check In" to, or Pick Up Your Luggage Later in the Day or Evening, on the Day of Your Departure. We get Lots of "E-Mail" Inquiries, Many for the Same Dates of Interest.
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Here is a Fast and Easy to get a "Ball Park" Estimate for Staying at our Property. Simply Print Out the Form Below (Click Here for Our "pdf" Version), and Fill in the Applicable Missing Numbers and Extend the Costs, and then Add Up the Numbers to Arrive at a Quickie "Ball Park" Estimate for Staying Here. In the Event You are Still Interested in Our Property, Please let Me know and We will "E-Mail" You a Taylor Made Formal "Itemized Breakdown of Costs" for Staying Here, Calculating in Any Possible "Special Promotions" The Owner of the Property May be having that May SAVE YOU MONEY, as well as Other Costs that May be Applicable to Your Possible Stay Here.
We had a wonderful stay. It was so nice to have somewhere to call home away from home.  We came up for our sister's Wedding and it was so nice to have this beautiful house to congregate in and eat together.  Disneyland was great!  It was so nice to be so close. We plan to come back!  Your house is beautiful!     Karen, Graig, Joshua, & Danna M.                  
We had a great time here. The weather was great.     This location made it possible for Families with small kids to come home for lunch and a nap. We all came home for Grandma's dinner each night & then ventured back to the park. Great way to spend Christmas! Thanks for everything!        Lori B.      What They are Saying....