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Many of Our Guests have Requested that the Swimming Pool be Heated for One's Stay Here, Especially in the Winter Time. You don't have to Make a Decision to Heat the Swimming Pool at this Point in Time.  This Last Year, The Property Owner Spent Over $10,000 on Refurbishing the Swimming Pool, of which $5,000 was Spent on New Pipes (Above and In Ground); A New Thermostat for the Swimming Pool Heater; A New Skimmer; and a New Large Pump to Circulate the Water thru the Swimming Pool Equipment.  Due to the Huge Increase in Electric Rates, as well as a 55% Increase in the Cost of Gas, We have No Alternative but to Pass the Costs of the Use of the Heater for the 35,000 Gallon Swimming Pool onto those Guests that Want the Luxury of the  Swimming Pool being Heated.  We have a "Fire Up" Charge of $145 to Turn On the Swimming Pool Heater (Which Includes the 1st Night's Use of the Swimming Pool being Heated).  There is a Charge of $47.00 Per Night for Any Additional Night's that One Requests the Swimming Pool be Heated for One's Stay Here. The spa has just been upgraded to a top of the line spa (at a total cost of $23,000 to have it installed and drop-lifted by crane), which is a great place to unwind at the end of the day. You May Adjust the Temperature of the Water in the Spa to Your Individual liking. PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the Actions of Two (2) Recent "Back to Back" Groups Renting Out the Entire Property, that Turned On the Thermostat of the Heater of the 35,000 Gallon Swimming Pool to 101 Degrees for 3 Weeks, and when The Owner of the Property, Returned back to the Property, from being in the Hospital, Received Over $1,300.00 in Utility Bills! Because of that Situation, We Now have an Additional Charge of $3.20 Per Degree, per day, for a Temperature Water Increase Over 85 Degrees.  Unfortunately, The Actions of a Few have a "Domino Effect" on All Future Guests that Stay Here. Please be Informed that it is Considered Unhealthful to Heat the Swimming Pool Over 85 Degrees.  A Few Examples would Include those who have an Enlarged Heart, High Blood Pressure, Etc.  We Recommend that You Check with Your Doctor 1st before Deciding to Heat the Swimming Pool.  For those Wanting the Swimming Pool Heated Over 85 Degrees, We also Require a Signed and Dated, "Release of Liability" Form to be Filled Out by the Person Making the Reservations to Stay Here for a Water Temperature Increase. The Swimming Pool and Spa Hours are Between 8:00 AM and 9:30 PM.  This is the Agreement that Richard Rowan (The Owner of the Property) has with the Neighbors, so as Not to Disturb them.  He Shuts Off the Pool Equipment at 9:30 PM, and Restarts it Again at 7:00 Am, the Next Morning.  When Renting Out the Entire Property, He goes thru a Side Gated Entrance of the Property, so as Not to Disturb the Guests Staying Here to Shut Off, and Turn On the Swimming Pool Equipment.   Based on the Current Weather Conditions, the Temperature of the Water in the Swimming Pool May go Down 1 to 3 Degrees by Morning, but the New Pool Pump Circulates the Water in the Swimming Pool Equipment 3 Times Faster than the Old Pump, which Brings the Temperature of the Water Up Very Quickly. If You have Any Questions, Please do Not Hesitate to Ask.
What They're Saying...   We are from Colorado and our family of 5 stayed at the home last October (2007) with another couple and their 2 children. The home was roomy and clean and well supplied. It was nice that the kids could spread out a little and of course they enjoyed the clean swimming pool.   The best part was the proximity to Disneyland and California Adventure, in which we were able to walk to.  It was also a bonus that we were able to see the Disney fireworks from the backyard patio and pool area!  Relaxing in the hot tub was a treat after long walking days at the parks.    We appreciated the prompt communication and organized management regarding our trip during the months leading up to our vacation.    We would definitely recommend the home to others looking for a perfect spot to visit Disney and other Southern California attractions. Best Regards,        Kretice C., Colorado           More Testimonials...   
Brand New Spa Replaced in 2012
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