Phone: 1- (714) 772-1057 Direct Phone No. to Property - "Voice-Mail" After 3 Rings. PLEASE NOTE: TO CONTACT US, YOU NEED TO DIAL A 1 IN FRONT OF THE AREA CODE! Email:
House Rules Also available in pdf for your convenience
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1.  Please Note:  This Property is Not being Rented Out as a "Wild Party House."   Last Year, We had a Bad Experience with a Group of 10 Persons on "Cinco Del Mayo."  What Appeared to be 10 "Angels" Walking thru the Front Door of the Residence when they Arrived, Shortly Turned into Over 100 Persons Within a 2 to 3 Hour Time Frame, and the Number Growing by the Minute.  People Yelling and Screaming; Honking their Car Horns; and Vandalizing the Property Inside and Outside.  Hence, when the Ambulance Arrived, Because Someone had Smashed thru One of the Large Plate Glass Windows Drunk of the Downstairs' Large Living Room, Attached to the "Casita," Via an Atrium Hallway with Plants, that is when Everyone was Instructed to Vacate the Premises Immediately. All the Damage has been Taken Care of as of this "E-Mail."  Loud Noise; Screaming; Yelling; Walking on Top of the 2nd Story Roof; and/or the Use of Drugs will Not be Tolerated.  In the Event of Any, or All of the aforementioned Activities, You and Your Group will be kindly Asked to Vacate the Property Immediately, and the Remainder of Your Money for Your Stay Here, shall be Forfeited. This is the Only Time We have Experienced an "Out of Control Situation" like this.  All I Ask, is to Please have Respect for My Property, as well as Respect and Consideration for those who are Looking Forward to Staying Here in the Future with their Family; Friends; and Business Associates. Some Guests have Planned their Stay Here 1 to 2 Years in Advance.  The aforementioned is Not Meant to Offend Anyone, but to Advise those with Similar Plans to Please look Elsewhere.  Thank You for Your Understanding; 2.  We have a No Smoking Policy.  Smoking is Only Permitted Outside of the House; 3.  We have a limited Pet Policy.  We will consider dogs, provided they are kenneled when you are away, and you pick up after your pet. There is an additional pet fee and refundable pet deposit, provided all pet rules are followed. 4.  We do Not Rent to Minors.  Minors must be Chaperoned at All Times by their Parents; Legal Guardian, or the Adult Person Making the Reservations to Stay Here; 5.  Children Most be Supervised by an Adult at All Times, when In and Around the Swimming Pool and Spa; 6.  Swimming Pool; Spa; and Patio Usage Hours are 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM.  This is the Verbal Agreement the Owner of the Property (Richard Rowan) has with the Neighbors.  Many of the Neighbors have Families that Work, and Like to get a Good Night's Sleep; 7.  The Balcony and Wrought Iron Staircase of the Upstairs' Rental Unit is for "Emergency Exit Only."  The Disneyland Fireworks can be seen just as well from  Many Other Areas Inside and Outside of the Residence; 8.  No Parking in/or Blocking the Drive Approach to the Property, as You Might get a Ticket, and have Your Vehicle Towed Away.  Also, Please Park Your Vehicle(s) in the same Direction Other Vehicles are Facing on the Street; 9.  Street Sweeping is On Thursdays, Between 12:00 Noon, and 4:00 PM, in the Afternoon.  Please Check with The Owner where to Park, so as Not to be Ticketed; and 10.  Due to the Cost of Utilities Increasing 30%, as well as to Conserve Our Country's Valuable Natural Resources, Please Turn Off All Lights, Fans, and Air- Conditioners when leaving the Residence during the Day when You are Not Here.  You are More than Welcome to Turn them All Back On when You Return.  Thank You in Advance for Your Cooperation, so that We don't have to Increase Our Rates for Staying Here for Future Guests that May want to Stay Here. 11. Just as a Reminder, Our Standard "Check In" Time is 4:00 PM, in the Afternoon, and Our Standard "Check Out" Time is 10:00 AM, in the Morning.  Sometimes these Times are Flexible, so long as We do Not have "Back to Back Guests" Coming and Going, Regarding Arrivals and Departures of Guests the Same Day.  You are More than Welcome to Drop Off Your Luggage when You Arrive Here in Town, or Pick it Up Later in the Day or Evening on the Day of Your Departure.  No Problem on this End. 12. Please Note: Sunscreens & lotions cloud the spa water. Please rinse off prior to entering the spa in one of the showers inside the residence, or using one of the outside water hoses (including any sand on your person if you are returning from the beach as it might damage the impellers of the electric spa motor) which is around $650 to replace. There is a $50 charge to cover the cost of labor, water, and electricity AND there is an 8-12 hour delay to re-heat the water, when the spa is drained, cleaned, and re-filled mid-stay. Also, please cover spa when your finished using it to keep the water hot. Thank you for your co-operation. The Address, Major Streets & Actual Cross Streets, & Phone Number of the Property are as Follows: BELOW IS OUR CONTACT INFORMATION: Address: Anaheim Disney Resort Estate LLC 675 North Euclid Street, Suite 231 Anaheim, California 92801 Phone Number: 1-(714) 772-1057 - Direct Phone No. to Property - "Voice Mail" After 3 Rings. PLEASE NOTE: TO CONTACT US, YOU NEED TO DIAL A 1 IN FRONT OF THE AREA CODE Cross Streets: Major Cross Streets:  Ball Road and Walnut Street Actual Cross Streets:  Feather Street & Goodhue Avenue "E-Mail" Address: "E-Mail" Address: Our Website Address: If You Need Directions to get Here, Please let Us know and We will "E-Mail" them to You. Please Provide Your Point of Origin. Please do Not Hesitate to Ask, If You have Any Questions.  In the Event You Decide to Stay Here, Thank You for Your Business, It is Very Much Appreciated on this End.
What They're Saying...   We are from Colorado and our family of 5 stayed at the home last October (2007) with another couple and their 2 children. The home was roomy and clean and well supplied. It was nice that the kids could spread out a little and of course they enjoyed the clean swimming pool. The best part was the proximity to Disneyland and California Adventure, in which we were able to walk to.    It was also a bonus that we were able to see the Disney fireworks from the backyard patio and pool area!  Relaxing in the hot tub was a treat after long walking days at the parks.  We appreciated the prompt communication and organized management regarding our trip during the months leading up to our vacation.  We would definitely recommend the home to others looking for a perfect spot to visit Disney and other Southern California attractions.   Best Regards,        Kretice C., Colorado More Testimonials...